Posted: May 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Choose Life.  That’s Life with a capital “L”.  Jason Jaggard challenges us all to step out and take risks that will lead to an Life with God.  In order to accomplish these risks he says that we must do these type of risks:

1. Immediate – something you will do in the next six days.
2. Controllable – something that is within your power to do.
3. Challenging – something that stretches your comfort zone.
4. Positive – something that makes your life or the world better.

Jason tells us about “Spark Groups” that meet on a regular basis and challenge each other to take these risks.  To me it seemed similar in nature to a “Small Group” although some small groups don’t necessarily open themselves up to taking risks.  This is the challenge!

This book reads very easily and can be done in one sitting, although to fully get the meaning, I recommend you go over each chapter a couple times and let it thoroughly sink in as to the challenge you will be doing by taking these risks.  This can only lead to Life!



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