Book Review: Radical Together

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I had the privilege of reading another one of David Platt’s books called Radical Together.  This book followed up on Radical, a New York Times best seller.

In this book, David challenges us all to go the next step by becoming Radical Communities of Faith.

To do this a community (Church) must look at the way they are spending resources and see if they are really what God had intended them to do.  He explains how you need to take a look at how you are doing “Church”.  A funny example he mentions in the beginning of the book talks about how the children were getting snacks at Church.  All of these children had a breakfast and a lunch before and after Church, and was the money really being spent wisely to get snacks for these children, or could it be used in other ways for outside opportunities where money is not abundant?

He also goes on in another chapter and explains how “True faith in Christ inevitably produces great work for Christ – not works fueled by the flesh in an attempt to earn your way to God, but works fueled faith in a life that is abandoned to God.”  A great, and bold statement that makes one think,  am I doing the work that God wants me to do?

The book is short, to the point, and would make a great gift for the Church members and leaders to take a look and see if they are actually living a Radical Life, Together!


Please RANK my review:

I received this copy of the book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for review and it had no impact for my review.  These wards are strictly my own.


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