Pandemic…And The Hypermind Boardgamers

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Recently (as discussed a few times before in this blog) I have joined a local board game group in Burlington, NC.  We meet at Hypermind on Tuesday evenings on South Church Street.  If you are in the Burlington NC area or are just passing through we would love to have you stop in.  It does not cost anything to join us and play, so don’t worry about the expense.

One of my friends, Chris Norwood, has told me a few times about a game called Pandemic.  I decided to buy my own copy and was glad I did.  I absolutely love the game.  Pandemic is a game that involves several people playing cooperatively to win the game.  You actually play against the game, not each other.  In this game you have many components:

  • Pawns as your player that you move around the board
  • Colored Wood Cubes that represent viruses of different types
  • Player Cards which you collect to cure diseases as well as use to move around the board (if you choose)
  • Infection Cards that are drawn and infect different areas on the board
  • and a few markers that represent counters and cures

The object is to find the 4 cures before either:

  • All the wooden cubes of one color run out
  • All the players cards have been drawn
  • 8 outbreaks occur

Hayden Teeter of Games With Hayden did a great job of a review here:


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