Games Games and More Games!!!

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

I had the honor of attending a local game night at Hypermind in Burlington, NC last night.  My friend Chris invited me, and I had a blast!

I’m not going to write any reviews here,since there are many out there already.  Just google them if you want reviews.

We played several games while I was there.  The first was called Poo: The Card Game.  This is a pretty comical card game of flinging monkey poo at each other (Well not really, but that is the action on the cards).  You also can block it, and send it to others, etc…Fun card game, and plays pretty quick.

The next game we played was called Cyclades.  This by far was a big favorite of mine from the evening.  I just might have to put this on my wish list of games to have in my arsenal.

The last game we played is the Game Of The Month called Notre Dame.  Not bad, but I didn’t quite grasp all the details and unfortunately lost miserably.  I might give it another try sometime.

Anyway, some of my friends from online went to PAX EAST this year.  While they were there they came across a couple games by Steve Jackson. One of them is called Zombie Dice.  I read up about this game and decided I need it.  So, today before coming home from work, I stopped at a local gaming store and picked up my very own game of Zombie Dice.  🙂

I also downloaded a “Print out and Play Game called “Castle Builders”. Easy game, and lots of fun.


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