“Zombie In My Pocket” Solitaire Game

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

My friend, Chris , posted on his blog recently a few games that you can play by yourself or with others that are called “Print And Play” games.  These games are free to download, print out, and play.  I didn’t even realize they were out there on the wed.  Thanks, Chris, for introducing me to some new games that I might never even heard of or played.

I thought I would give the game “Zombie In My Pocket” a try.  Chris did a review, and it looked like a fun little game to play as a solitaire style game.

I downloaded the PDF (4 Pages), and used heavy card stock for the tiles, and playing cards.  There are some ideas of laminating them, using pawns, and storage for them too.

Once I cut out the pieces, I grabbed myself a pen and paper. You will need this to keep track and score of things in the game.

This game is quick, and can be played in about 5 to 10 minutes time.  There are a couple youtube videos that show you a little bit about how to play, but you may not need a lesson if you read the rules that come with the download.  I have included the videos here and here for you.

There are also several other variations / editions of this great game.  Try them all.  I’m sure you will have fun with these games.


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