Horton Hears A Who…and God…could it be a Parable?

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

hI was having a funny conversation with my wife last night.  I thought of the movie we saw recently on DVD (Horton Hears A Who), and started the conversation off like this:

Me:  “Did you know that I was thinking that Horton Hears A Who could be sort of a teaching block to get people to know God?”

Wife: “Oh this should be good (she says sarcastically)…continue…”

Me: “Well, When Horton hears the first sounds of the who’s he is listening to see what they are saying…think of us praying to God in this respect.  Next Horton tries to communicate back, and one of them hears him.  That’s us listening for God.  When the mayor of Whoville hears Horton he tells others, but they don’t believe him.  That’s people in denial or who don’t know God.  The Devil comes in to play when the Kangaroo tries to get the Vulture dude to get that speck and destroy it in the HOT BOILING LIQUID (Hell).  Of course those characters represent the Devil and all the bad demons with Satan.  Horton continues to get that mayor to get people to listen to him and respond back so the kangaroo will not boil them.  That’s God telling us that we need to minister to people and have them have a relationship with Him.  Finally the who’s talk to Horton and they are saved in the end from an eternal disaster.  That is people responding to God and being saved!”

Wife: “That was pretty good.  I thought you were going to tell a whopper, but that was pretty good.”

Me: “That’s how I think we could use that Movie/Story as a PARABLE!”

Wife: Laughs

  1. Sara Ross says:

    This is great! The other day my daughter, (age eight) was explaining the universe to her little brothers (ages 5 and 3). She said, “God is like Horton and we are like the Whos”.

  2. Sara Ross says:

    I wrote eight and it was turned into a smiling face. Would you mind editing my comment and writing out the number? Thanks.

  3. Maggie says:

    I loved Horton Hears A Who! too,Sara.

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