What I am doing…

Posted: February 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

The last three days were spent working from home.  Today I am back in the office.  Working from home has it’s benefits, but so does working from the office.

While at home, I noticed I could watch TV while working (only works for those that can multitask).  I did however get a quick nap at lunch (about 1/2 hour) which made a big differece for me.

Here at work, you don’t have to do Laundry or Clean dishes.  Although, it’s nice to do so it makes it easier on your spouse so they don’t have that burden when they come home from their job.

At home, the phone ringing wa not an issue.  At work, the phone rings a lot!

Like I said before, both places have their benefits, and I am not sure which one I prefer over the other. 

Which one do you think you would prefer and why?  Be honest.


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