What is happening?…

Posted: January 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

musicWhat is happening to our music leaders in our church recently?  A couple have them have stepped down from leadership roles and also dropped from the worship arts team completely. 

Is it that they are not getting something that they are seeking?  Is it that they are burned out?  Is it that they were asked to step down?

I’m completely baffled from all of this recent activity.  I know things are tough, and I know times are tough.  Jesus lived in a very tough world too.  He did not ever give up on anyone. 

I’m confused as to what is going on.  I know it’s all in the plan for God..He knew it would happen before we did!  I just have a difficult time believing God would allow these wonderful leaders to leave this ministry.  They have touched many lives including mine, in a very spiritual way.  I hope they are reading this blog and realize they have touched my life deeply in a very positive spiritual way!

I’ll be praying for these folks that they will find what they are seeking.  I’ll be praying that God will help them and show them things that they may not see right now.  I’m praying that they will use their talents to please God in every way.

Please pray for our worship arts team and the folks who have left us as well as those that remain that they will continue to touch lives in a positive way and they will bring others closer to God, no matter what the big plan is in store for them.


  1. tracyedwards says:

    Thanks for the prayers, Shawn, and the encouraging words!

  2. skirkham says:

    no problem Tracy. I mean every word of it! And I miss you!

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