Posted: January 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

20091Happy New Year everyone!  With this new year, I would like to announce, that I may not be posting every day, but, I will continue to post on this blog.

I am finding that my life is pretty busy, and I wanted to take some moments to relax and focus more on God.  Again, I will not be giving up the blog, but I a may not be posting daily, like I was in the past.  Please don’t go away though.  When I do post, I hope to have plenty to say, for you to read.

Do you have any specific resolutions you set for 2009?  I know one of mine is to grow closer to God in my life.  One of the ways I am starting to do this is to be more involved in our small group ministry.  This weekend, I will be meeting with the SG Ministry team on a retreat.  We are setting goals for this next coming year for the SG ministry in our church.  Please keep us in prayer as we go along this journey and try to help the small group leaders accomplish some amazing things for 2009!

Also, I want to focus more of my music on God.  I have had some very inspirational lyrics come to mind recently, and am starting to work on the melody for these songs.  I’m hoping that I can share these at church some time, if the opportunity comes my way.  If not, I will find other opportunities to share these with churched and unchurched folks in other ways of communication, such as MYSPACE or YOUTUBE.  Again, prayers for this would be greatly appreciated.

Until the next post, God Bless You All!


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