What I’m Looking For – By Eric Brown (Review)…

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

what Recently, I had the honor of receiving a preview copy of a CD by an artist named Eric Brown.

I must say the songs, on this CD were very relaxing to listen to.  I would highly recommend taking this on a road trip to the mountains or sitting by a stream and listening to this CD.

Eric’s vocals reminded me a lot of Bob Dylan with a mix of Mark Knopfler.

His songs told stories ranging from being in the Carolina’s (Where he grew up) and other places, that he inhabits currently.

I wrote to him and asked him if he had thought about adding other instrumentation to the album such as Banjo or Dobro, and he said he would have loved to do that, if he had the opportunity for people to arrive that could have helped him on the album.  Maybe next time. 🙂

Eric invited several musicians for the album:

  • Aaron Ivey (Formerly of Spur 58) – Keyboards
  • Britt Edwards (Formerly of the Swift) – Toy Drum
  • Clay Wood – Drums, Background Vocals &  Accoustic Guitar
  • Derek Williams (of the Daniel Doss Band) – Acoustic & Electric Guitars
  • Flo Oakes – Back Ground Vocals
  • Greg Wood – Electric Guitar
  • Jimmie Ingram (Formerly of Spur 58) – Acoustic & Electric Guitars
  • Matt Wilder (Formerly of The Swift) – Bass & Electric Guitars
  • And of course:  Eric brown – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Harmonica, & Keyboard

I would rate this CD a solid 8.75 out of 10.  You can purchase the CD through several sources:


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