OK..So I got busted…

Posted: November 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

OK, so yesterday I got busted by one of my good friends from Church.  I let my anger show in a posting here about the Red Rings Of Death.  My Patience was tested yet once again by the support call I was on with Microsoft.  And lo-and-behold, God smacks me with another great devotional today.  If only I would stop, look, and listen to what God is saying to me 24/7 I may not let my guard down, and get that accountability busting by good friends.  LOL.  Thanks, Joan, for the reminder of working on patience, yet once again.  I’m glad put people like you and Steve in my life to help me overcome obstacles. 

Anyway, here is the devotional.  Enjoy!


Resolve Anger Quickly
by Rick Warren

If you are angry, be sure that it is not out of wounded pride or bad temper. Never go to bed angry – don’t give the devil that sort of foothold. Ephesians 4:26-27 (PH)

*** *** *** ***

It’s okay to be angry, but anger becomes wrong when it’s not resolved quickly. The apostle Paul teaches, if you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin and do not stay angry all day.

The Phillips translation says, “Never go to bed angry.” That would keep a few of us up all night! If you said, “In our marriage, we’ll never go to bed angry,” you might work toward resolving problems a lot faster.

When anger is not dealt with quickly, it can turn to resentment and, then into bitterness. Bitterness is always sin; resentment is always sin; those emotions are always wrong.

But that doesn’t mean anger is always wrong. When you care about people, sometimes anger is the correct response. I get angry when I see people blowing their lives on things that don’t matter. I get angry when I see people walking right into the middle of something they know is wrong.

Regardless, we’re to resolve our anger quickly, or else we’re giving the devil a chance push us into bitterness and resentment.


  1. Joan says:


    I am glad God has placed you in life jounrey,

    It’s good to have friends, great posting by
    Rick Warren

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