Time to come together…

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

OK.  I know there are a lot of upset people this morning.  That was going to be the case no matter which side won.  Congratulations President Elect Obama!  He did get my vote (I’m proud to say that).

Now is the time for our nation to come together.  If we continue to stay divided, the world will see us as “wimpy”.  Let’s work together folks.

So, pray for our country, pray for unity, pray that our nation that it will become strong once again, especially financially.


I wanted to add this to the post.  It’s a great article from Anne Jackson’s Blog!  She writes some very inspirational stuff.  Take A Little Peek at her blog too!

  1. Tasha Via says:

    GREAT link! You are right, now is the time to come together. The decision has been made and we need to unite and pray for the decision makers of our country, no matter who you voted for…

  2. skirkham says:

    Thanks for stopping by Tasha! I’m hoping I can win one of those three copies over at Heather’s website. I loved the free MP3 you had, and would love to hear the rest of the album soon.

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