Catalyst Update…3 days and counting!…

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

Hey there!  3 days and counting until Catalyst 2008!  With that in mind here are a few things happening before then:

  • Anne Jackson is testing the Catalyst Backstage Chat and Video tonight at 9PM Eastern (8 Central, 7 Moutain, 6 Pacific).  Let’s try to help her out with her testing and visit the site at that time.  She claims this will be roughly a 15 minute session.
  • The Catalyst Road Trip Podcast – has a lot to say in Episode 59 of what is going on this year, as a well as a little history of catalyst.

Anyway…I plan on wearing my White POLO shirt that has our St. Mark’s Church logo on it on Friday.  Our group will have some reserved seating.  We are planning on floor seating…so hop on down and say Hi!  I’d love to meet those that read my blog.


  1. Joan says:


    Wear warm clothes it cold on the ice, you will
    are in a hockey ring and also wear comfortable
    shoes alot of walking.

    but have fun and enjoy the great worship with
    Fee and Kristin S.

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