Wednesday Rehearsal and the Cold that will not go away!…

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

Tonight,  I am rehearsing for our Mebane service this upcoming weekend.  I’m excited but yet, a little tired too.  See, I have been with a cold/infection since last Wednesday and still have not gotten over it yet.  I am taking med’s prescribed by my Doctor, but for some reason this cold/infection does not want to get out if my system.

Should I scream “Begone Devil” to this cold?  🙂  It Probably wouldn’t hurt.  All I know is, while I type this (at work), I sit here thinking that my pillow and bed would be nice at this very moment.  Anyway, I still have about 1/2 hour left for lunch.  I am going to take in some scripture from my Bible (the Message version).



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