It’s funny how God works the same thoughts into two different people at the same time…

Posted: September 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

My friend Tracy has a great posting on her blog that hits close to home at this very moment.  I have seriously been thinking lately that I would like to play my bass guitar more for God!  This has been on my mind for several weeks now.

I was even thinking of approaching my friends, Tracy, P.D., Ron, and not sure who else yet, about getting a group together to rock out and praise God.  This could be a weekly group (sort of like what Tracy has in her post, and this could be a group that could venture out and play gigs outside of our “local” church.

No, it’s not about me!  I know it sounds like it, but it’s not!  I seriously thought I have been hearing from God on this, and maybe it’s time for me to act.

Tracy, P.D., Ron, if you are reading this, let me know your thoughts.  I really think God is calling me to go in this direction.  I’d love to share the walk with you too if you are interested.

Anyone else got some thoughts on this?

  1. Joan says:


    GO FOR IT, I know, I enjoy singing with
    Ben, Doris a few others every fourth Sunday.

    We all need to move more outside the church
    walls, that’s what Jesus did

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