Who Moved My Cheese…

Posted: August 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Don’t you hate it when people aren’t willing to change?  They like to conform to the OLD ways. 

If we all fell into that category, this world would be a really boring outdated place, and quickly.

Imagine if some of the greatest characters in the bible said “aw heck with it.  I’m sticking to my old routine, and not changing”.

Think of David…he would still be out and about with sheep and not paying attention to the bigger things in life!

Think of Noah…would there be a new population of humans and animals?  What if he just deicded to sit around and not build the ark?

Think of Jesus.  What if he decided that he just wanted to be a carpenter, and not do public speaking?


I’m glad there is change, and I’m glad God gave me the ability to adapt to change, even when it is hard!


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