Madden 09

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

Recently I got Madden 09 for the XBOX 360.  This game is the best version that EA Sports has come out with so far.

They have added several features that really enhance the play.  I also played online for one game (so far) and had a wonderful experience.  Even though I got beat, it was not a blowout.  The game actually takes in to consideration how well you play, and adjusts based on your playing ability.

For me that’s a major plus.  I’m not the world’s best gamer, and every once in a while need that “crutch” to help me out.

One thing this game has added this year is the ability to have 32 player leagues.  I’m thinking of creating one for me and my Christian friends.

If you play Madden 09 on the XBOX 360 and want to join the league, leave me a comment with your gamertag and I will sign you up.  Also, please let me know the top 3 teams that you would like to play in the league.  You may not necessarily get your first choice based on whether someone has picked it or not.

I’d like to get this league started by mid September.  If you have any questions you can send me a message through XBOX Live to gamertag SKirkham1967A.


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