What ever happened to “Good Customer Service”?…

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today my wife and I are celebrating 17 years of being married.  For that, we decided to go to O’Charley’s for lunch here in Burlington, NC.

Let me tell you, for the most part this place is really good food and really good service, except today!

Our food was luke-warm at that.  The waitress that was waiting on us definitely did not deserve a tip, even though I gave her the obligatory 15%.

She brought out our salads, and both of them were the wrong dressing.

Usually our glasses are kept full.  But this time, we had to beg for more to drink.  I’ve had the manager come around every time before and ask how were doing.  Not this time.

My wife got a steak, and they always, I mean always ask you to cut into it and make sure it’s cooked the way you want it to be.  Whoops…did i say “always”?  Not this time.  I had to ask my wife if it was to her liking, she said, yeah i guess so…At that point I jokingly asked her if I could have the tip instead of the waitress.

At the end, my wife decided to use the rest room before we left.  I sat at the table waiting for her, sipping on the last bit of my “begged for” beverage.  While I was there, the waitress even collected the credit card slip that I signed and tipped before we even got up from the table.  I hope she was not looking for the 20% tip i usually leave.  She’s lucky she got anything.

Now is it me, or has customer service in many places gone right out the window?  I know when I worked retail, I made sure every customer got treated as though they were the “secret shopper” and took pride in my work even for the little bit of money the companies actually paid me.

I’m hoping this was a one time thing with this “chick”.  O’Charley’s staff, if you are reading this, you need to step it up!  Don’t lose one of your favorite teams of customers because of this silly little girl.  Do the right thing each and every time.  Remember, dissatisfied customers usually tell at least 9 other people.  Well, I decided to put this out here on the blog for as many people that want to read it can get their hands on it.

Just maybe, next time you can earn that green check mark for Excellent Customer Service, and keep my wife and I as some of your customers.  Remember, i always tip 20% or more for someone who can at least keep my drink filled!


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