Rehearsal Last Night…

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

Last night we had rehearsal in Mebane for this upcoming weekends service, and it was actually not bad considering we did not have the full instrumentation.

Scott filled in for Rob during rehearsal on Drums.  We had no guitars, I played Bass, and Carol played Keyboard.  We also had 3 vocalists.

We are doing 4 songs.

The first will feature me on Sax playing the melody for a prelude, and the rest of the band accompanying.

The following three will have me on Bass, and the rest of the band too.

We’re hoping we can get an electric guitar for the weekend.  Maybe Tracy’s friend Will P. can step up and help out?

I know God will provide.  He always does!

  1. tracyedwards says:

    LORD. . . .what in the world?? I haven’t talked to Will, but with the summer winding down, he has been unavailable. If someone needs me to call him, I will be glad to, but I would assume Cindy and Steve thought about that.

  2. skirkham says:

    LOL…No worries….I think we are short all around…although, even when there are people like myself that can play on certain weekends, we don’t get scheduled. Aug 30-31 is a good example.

  3. tracyedwards says:

    Yea, this summer has been hard! But, enjoy any time off that you can get!!!

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