On Call and Lack Of Sleep..this may actually be part 2…

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

I can’t remember if I posted something like this before or not, but here it goes again:

I am currently on call until Friday Morning.  Well, last night the pager went off twice.  And working for a Hospital, you have to jump and answer quickly.

The first call was right as I went to bed, and i resolved it and went back to bed.  The second call, not so lucky.

I got up, opened one eye and then the other.  Turned the PC on so I can log-into the system.  Called the helpdesk to find out what the problem was that they paged me about.  Dug into the issue.  Resolved the issue 10 minutes later.  And BANG.  Now I am in Bed, trying to sleep, and am wide awake, wondering if the pager was going to go off again.  I had chats before with my manager where he would tell me about his nights like that.  And the worst part is he looked like , well you know, the next day.

Anyway, I was reading Anne’s Blog about her Insomnia issues and she had a great article that she posted here.  Take a peek.

I only wish when I eventually fell asleep (almost 2 hours later), that I could have had some sort of dream.  I know I tossed and turned for the remainder of my little bit of sleep. 

Tell me a little bit about your dreams or maybe it’s the restless nights.  Either way, let’s hear it!


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