Introducing…Mr. Scott Woody…

Posted: July 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

And the Burlington St. Mark’s crowd stood and roared!  Not really.  But it was nice to see Scott on Saturday night and hear his message at Church.

It was also kind of funny when Eric (another one of our pastors) said was talking about Scott and pre-introducing him to the folks in Burlington when he was already back there on the drums.  The funny part was Scott through a drum stick towards Eric.

Then Eric made the comment about throwing it back, but he better not or Steve (Our worship arts pastor) would get upset if it hit the drums. Personally I would have liked to see him throw it.  LOL.

It’s kind of funny, when I first joined the Church, I always heard that Scott Woody was the comic pastor.  He always makes me laugh each time I hear him.  He also does a great job on his messages and I think even knows how to speak to today’s folks in a humorous way and let them know the God loves them, no matter how they come to God.  All in all, I think the congregation had a really good time with Scott there.


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