The Worshipping Artist…

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am currently re-reading Rory Noland’s third book in the Heart Of The Artist series titled The Worshipping Artist.  I read through it pretty quick the first go-round. 

This time I am stopping and really thinking about what I just read.  I’m back up to chapter 4 currently, and wanted to share a couple things:

First, each chapter starts off with a little story and has a scenario.  I just read that a group of people from the worship arts team got some feedback and were sharing it with each other at their next rehearsal.  Everyone said the music was great, the soloists did a good job, etc.  It came down to the last person to share his takings on what he heard from the feedback, and he said to the group “Did anyone tell you they met Jesus today?”.  WOW!!!!! 

That right there hit me and made me think.  When the people come into our local church and hear the music, do they hear just the music, or do they actually get the full WORSHIP experience and get to meet Jesus?

One thing that this group did was they decided that at the end of the service they would greet each person leaving the church after the service.  This would get them closer to the people and let them be true representatives to live like Jesus would really want them to live. 

This means after the music fades, do these folks just simply leave for the day, or do they actually get involved and thank each person who attended that day, and tell them Good Morning or Good Afternoon.  This means do you simply come, play your tunes, and then get ready for the next “gig”, or do you actually stop, show someone some loving companionship by seeking them out and saying something to the effect of , hey, I’m really glad to see you here today?

I’ll bet, if more people in the worship arts team took the time to greet the folks as they exited the building, you might actually have more returning, and keep the numbers up in the Churches. 

Face it folks, numbers are dwindling.  It’s tough to get people to Church, but if we can show the love, and show them Jesus (through us), we might just be one step closer to helping save the world!  I know God would want it that way.


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