Authentic worship…

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

This weekend, we had a blooper in our musical abilities on Saturday evening.  Unfortunately we got hung up in the wrong key, and tried to correct it, but it failed.  Needless to say, we stopped and started ths song over.  At first it was kind of embarassing (not that we started over, but that we screwed up in the first place).  I quickly started to pray while we restarting the song and asked the Lord to guide us and let our Music Glorify Him! Our pastor commented and said that we were “authentic”.

I thought about it that night and the next morning too.  I’m glad God made me the way I am.  Not perfect. 

Thank you Lord, for showing me that I need to once in a while take a look at myself, come down from any pedestals I may want to stay upon, and realize that I am human.  Not perfect.  I can make mistakes and still go on with life, and You will still love me!  Thank you Lord, for helping me remember to take time to pray and spend time with You!  I need to do this more often.


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