On Call and no Church & Podcasts…

Posted: June 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

The thing that stinks about being on Call is I really can’t attend Church.  Well, let me put it another way, I could, but if I did the beeper has a chance of going off, and then I would be interrupted in the middle of the service, and possibly others would be interrupted too.  The only good part about being disrupted is I would have access to a wi-fi network at Church so i could sit in the lounge and watch the service as I worked on the on call problem.

Speaking of church, they now have the PODCASTS linked to the message area of the church website.  I’m slightly disappointed that I was not asked to be part of this though, since I felt a calling to start that ministry a couple years ago, and actually got the ball rolling back then.  So, for those of you who have subscribed to the Podcast I have been maintaining for two years, you will now need to redirect your podcast software to the new link.

  1. tracyedwards says:

    Keep your head up, Shawn! I have enjoyed listening to the podcasts you set up for a while now. God must need you in a different place than that. Take the spare time and use it for that!!

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