A Duh Moment…To Me

Posted: June 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

OK..Here’s the scoop.  Tonight, we had a rehearsal in Mebane for our upcoming church service.  Rehearsal went well.  Tracy picked some awesome tunes for this weekend.  At the end of our rehearsal, Marge (the lady mentioned in a previous post), gave us a devotional that was geared on the topic of disagreement.  Shortly after the devotional we prayed, and then the topic of conversation turned toward PC’s and Macs.  This is where my DUH moment comes in to play.

Tracy and P.D. were talking about Macs, and we all agreed that they did a great job and had some very positive things about them.  We also talked about how VISTA is probably another one of those “oops…we goofed with just like with Windows M.E.” Microsoft Devil children.

Now for my DUH moment.  Tracy and P.D. mentioned that MACS do not get viruses, ever!  I started disagreeing with them immediately and probably (at least in my eyes) sounded very pompous on my response to that argument. My whole point was, they DO get less viruses .  So in a sense I was agreeing, but for some reason I was not easy in my choice of words.

For this I am sorry and have to say to myself, what did we just study with Marge?  DUH!

For some reason I become passionate about things like computers and music.  Sometimes I just should take a step back and relax, and let others speak there minds without interrupting.

I want to say Sorry to P.D. and Tracy.  I was deep in thought with another one of those DUH moments.

  1. No need to apologize! I don’t know anything about computers so it wouldn’t surprise me if you knew all the right answers and I was the one arguing a dumb point. It takes more than that to make me mad!!

    Thanks again for all the extra effort for the weekend. I know it is going to be fun!

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