Wednesday…and you know what that means…

Posted: June 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today is Wednesday, and I am looking forward to practice tonight in Mebane.  I am playing over there again this upcoming weekend with Laura.  I’m not sure if she ever gets a chance to read this blog or not, but I want to tell her Thank you for leading us this upcoming weekend! 

 The three songs she chose this weekend are good.  We should have fun praising God with these songs:

  • I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
  • Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)
  • We Will Dance

I’m hoping we can do an arrangement of “We Will Dance” similar to the MP3 I heard this week where the beat is sort of like a 5/4 rhythm.  Although, the sheet music is written in a straight 3/4 rhythm, we might have to stick to that, depending on how the rehearsal goes tonight.

The only thing that is sad about playing in Mebane, is we only get one service to praise God with our music.  At least when we are in Burlington, we have three services.  Sometimes I need that for a picker upper after a long week.

Anyway, I’m sure the Worship Arts team in Mebane will shine for the glory of God, as usual.




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