Check out one of my friends…

Posted: May 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Welcome to A Little Peek into My World.

Isn’t it funny how some people can influence you in different ways? One of my friends, Tracy Edwards, is just one of those cool folks that has inspired me to get closer to God through not only my Music, but also in all of my worship.

She has been an inspiration with the words she has chosen to speak during our one on one conversations or even in larger groups.

It would be way cool if more people would take a lesson from her, and reach out to people as not just a friend, but a Christian friend at that!

This past weekend, she and a few others went to Buckhead Church in Atlanta. I’m hoping to hear some really good things from her soon on this trip.

If you ever get to meet Tracy, make sure you truly listen to her, and get to know her. She is a wonderful person. I thank God for bringing her into my life!

  1. tracyedwards says:

    Shawn has a blog! I LOVE IT! Thanks for all of your kind and encouraging words. I don’t know if they are deserved, but I hope that, as I am on my journey, I can help and inspire people along the way. It’s not a perfect road, but I don’t want to do it alone. Thanks for being a friend!!!

  2. Shawn says:

    I wouldn’t understand why anybody would not want to be friends with you? You always encourage and spend time with people. You give comfort where needed. That’s what friends are for!

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